New military manufactures will be announced soon: Armed forces spokesman

SANA’A, Spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarei, on Monday revealed that new military manufactures would be announced during the coming period.
“Military manufactures for the sake of defending our people and our country are not directed against anyone but rather against the enemies of the Yemeni people,” Brig. Gen. Sarei added at a press conference held in Sana’a, during which he reviewed the army’s achievements and the developments of the combat situation on all fronts in the year 2020.
The army’s spokesman mentioned that the number of air raids launched by Saudi-led aggression coalition’s spying and combat aircraft on 13 Yemeni provinces during 2020 amounted to more than 8,888 raids, of which 410 drone strikes on Hodeida province.
Marib province was targeted with 3,621 raids, followed by Jawf province by 1,981 raids, and then Saada province by 726 raids, while the rest of raids were distributed to the rest of provinces, he elaborated.
“The aggression raids during the year 2020 resulted in the killing and injuring of hundreds of Yemenis in several areas, in addition to damage to public and private property,” the spokesman added.
Regarding the military operations and achievements during 2020, Sarei stated that the Yemeni armed forces carried out more than 974 military operations on different fronts and combat axes, including 309 offensive operations, 623 raids and 42 infiltration operations.
He indicated that among the most prominent offensive operations of the armed forces during the year 2020 were “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operation” and “Fa’amkan Minhum operation”, and the purging of Qaifa district in Bayda province, which led to the liberation of large areas in several provinces.
Brig. Gen. Sarei indicated that the missile force had an important presence in the battle during the year 2020, referring to dozens of successful operations during which 253 ballistic and winged missiles were launched.
He mentioned that among these missiles, 178 ballistic missiles targeted the sites and camps of invaders and mercenaries on the interior fronts, while the missile force launched 75 ballistic and winged missiles targeting the Saudi enemy depth.
According to Sarei, the army air force unit, through drones made in Yemen, carried out 5, 613 operations, including offensive and reconnaissance operations, inside and outside the country.
He affirmed that most of the drones operations succeeded in achieving their goals by up to 99 percent, especially those that targeted the enemy installations.
On the Air Defense Forces operations during 2020, the army spokesman said that the army air defenses managed to shoot down 67 warplanes, including reconnaissance, combat and spy planes, the most prominent of which was the downing of a Tornado warplane in Jawf province and two reconnaissance and combat CH4 planes in Nehm and Majzar areas.
In the conference, Brig. Gen. Sarei also reviewed the achievements and operation statistics of the other military units of the army during the last year, 2020.
The armed forces spokesman emphasized that Yemen’s ports would not remain closed while the ports of the Emirati and Saudi rulers were open, and this message must be well understood by the aggression forces.
Sarei sent a message to the tools of the aggression coalition from traitors, mercenaries and agents, saying, “You are nothing but tools and followers, and your fate is shame and disgrace.”

Source: Yemen News Agency