News in Brief 15 August 2017 (PM)

UNHCR relocating scores of Congolese refugees in Angola

An exercise has begun to relocate more than 33,000 Congolese refugees from overcrowded reception centres in northern Angola, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said on Tuesday.

UNHCR and its partners are moving the people to a newly established settlement in in Lovua, approximately some 100 km further inland, away from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric has more details.

"The Angolan Government has allocated about 33 km2 of land to set up Lovua settlement to improve the living conditions of refugees. All refugees will receive a plot of land to build shelters and grow food to supplement their food rations. Angola and UNHCR and its partners are ready to provide protection and assistance for up to 50,000 Congolese refugees by the end of this year."

IOM assisting more survivors of Yemen sea tragedies

More survivors, as well as the remains of more victims, have been found following two back-to-back tragedies off the coast of Yemen last week, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported.

Overall, some 280 migrants were forced overboard by traffickers in separate incidents on Wednesday and Thursday.

Of that number, 226 survived while 42 were confirmed dead.

Twelve are still missing and 54 others are presumed dead.

Many of the survivors have been too weak to continue their journey, and IOM has been assisting them with medical support, food and water.

Others have left the agency's care and are making their way to Yemen's borders with the Gulf countries.

Football player Neymar to advocate for people with disabilities

Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. has been named the new ambassador of the charity Handicap International.

The announcement was made on Tuesday at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

The charity says Neymar will advocate on behalf of "the most vulnerable people in the world, people with disabilities in poor countries, victims of conflicts and natural disasters."

Neymar also used the occasion to call for more inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

He has previously supported Handicap International's actions in Haiti on social media following Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.

Source: United Nations Radio