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NEW YORK, The UN Envoy to Yemen affirmed on Tuesday that they are not close to a comprehensive agreement in Yemen, as the reluctance of the key parties to embrace peace remains extremely troubling.

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed urged the Security Council to strongly convey to the parties that they need to engage immediately with the UN to agree to steps to avoid further bloodshed, to halt the slide towards famine and to re-commit to a peaceful end to the war.

"The humanitarian crisis and the threat of famine is entirely man-made," he expressed. If the conflict stops, he added, Yemenis and their partners in the international community have the capacity and the will to rebuild the country.

The UN official told the UNSC members that with the unified backing of the international community, the path towards peace has been clearly laid out in front of the parties.

He also reminded the 15-memeber body that thousands of Yemenis who have lost their lives, for no other reason, than paying the price of a war between their leaders. He also recalled the millions of Yemeni victims affected by man-made hunger, violence and famine.

The UN envoy appealed to the parties to stop fighting for power and strive to build a country that respects the rights of all its citizens, a country with a prosperous economy, and strong institutions.

During his recent visit and meetings with the Government of Yemen, and other political leaders in Sana'a, the UN envoy told the Council he had made it clear to them that they must reach a compromise on the situation in Al-Hodeidah, in order to prevent horrific scenarios.

He regrets not meeting Ansarallah, or the General People's Congress delegation to discuss with them the framework for such an agreement.

Ould Cheikh Ahmed's proposal includes security, economic and humanitarian elements that would allow for the continued flow of commercial and humanitarian supplies and ensure the end of ay diversion of customs revenues and taxes.

His proposal will also avoid military clashes in Al-Hodeidah, that should be negotiated in parallel with an agreement to ensure the resumption of salary payments national to all civil servants.

During his last visit, the UN Envoy's convoy was attacked while traveling from the airport to the UN compound. Therefore, he voiced his deep concern to the Council to the attack.

"Such attack cannot be ignored, and I call on the local authorities to conduct a full and transparent investigation into the attack, and hold those responsible for the attack to account." He concluded.


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