September 25, 2021

O.I.C and its importance, when it comes to the Gulf turmoil

O.I.C, seems to be the only hope to bring peace

If one considers the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the last hope of bringing peace in the Gulf region, which has been in the turmoil for the longest period of time, so he/she is not wrong, because indeed, it is the last hope as through this platform rest of the other Muslim countries except Iran and Saudi Arabia, can come up with efforts to unite these both major stakeholders of the Gulf region in order to bring peace in the Gulf region, which seems difficult to achieve so far as for many issues both Iran and Saudi Arabia will have to unite and that is what the rest of the Muslim countries, which are influential members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, can do, so it is important for them to understand their responsibility as soon as possible, because the more they linger to take a step in order to unite Iran and Saudi Arabia, the more it will make the situation of the region more worse.

ISIS must be eliminated from the Gulf region

Since the situation of the Gulf region went out of the control of its leaders, so that left a space in the Gulf region to lead the region towards the right direction, and sadly that space eventually was used by the ISIS, which made efforts to reach each part of the Gulf region, to govern the Gulf region. You can differ from it, but that is the fact that the Arab leaders sadly failed to bring a balance of power among the countries and that eventually became a reason for the emergence of ISIS. The ISIS is not only strong in Iraq and Syria, in fact, it is also making its way to Libya and aim to govern Libya, for which the United State’s president recently stated that after the downfall of Maummar Gaddafi in Libya, the world’s superpowers should have taken steps in order to prevent the militant groups such as ISIS, to make their safe hideouts there. That is not all the United State’s president also stated that not coming up with proper planning for keeping Libya away from being influenced by the ISIS, has been a worst mistake of his presidency.

The stance of Barack Obama over dealing with ISIS

After revealing the worst mistake of his presidency and that is about the Libya’s issue, he has also come up with another statement that the efforts of stemming the flow of Islamic State recruits into Syria and Iraq, are becoming the reasons for ISIS militants to head towards Libya. This indeed happens to be the worse situation as far as the security of the western world is concerned, because the more the ISIS gets a chance to strengthen itself in Libya, the more it will make it able to attack the western world and the recent attacks in Europe, must be enough to understand that Libya must not go into the ISIS’s control, because that will affect the whole world. This recent statement by the president of the United States, Barack Obama, about the Libya’s situation, tells about the growing anxiety of the White House to fear of witnessing ISIS, is taking control of Libya.

The importance of O.I.C after the stance of Barack Obama over Libya

After coming across the stance of President Barack Obama over Libya, one must understand that now only the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, is able to help the western world in order to come up with the peaceful solutions for all the issues of the Gulf region and that is what the O.I.C should be expected for. The major objective of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has to bring unity and solidarity in order to let the peace and justice prevail in the society in the Gulf region. With that it has also the responsibility of ensuring that the Muslim world fights all the challenges effectively faced by it and in this regard, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation must not overlook the instability of Libya and implement the suggestion for Libya given by the Egyptian president. And it was to avoid the foreign intervention in the Libya and support internationally accepted Libya’s government in order bring stability and peace in the country and keep the country away from being governed by ISIS. The O.I.C is responsible to handle issues such as the Palestine’s issue, the Arab-Israel conflict, turmoils in different Muslim countries and the most important issue that is migration issue, which has compelled many people to escape from Syria and Libya, as soon as both these two countries got into the deadly turmoil. If you go through the responsibilities of an O.I.C, so you will come across that it cannot be confined only to ensure peace and stability within the Muslim world, in fact, it has to think beyond that and has to come up with initiatives to ensure the dignity of Muslim communities, living in non Muslim countries, with also coming up with some effective measures to deal with terrorism and violent extremism, Islam phobia and the humanitarian situation in the Muslim world. This shows that O.I.C has a bunch of responsibilities in order to finish up the uncertainty of the Muslim world, because the Muslim world cannot bear more instability as it has really put the overall world’s security at risk.


The O.I.C’s importance has increased a lot in the recent times, since the world’s superpowers failed to bring the Gulf region towards peace and prosperity and now the O.I.C also has to come up with the initiatives for all the sectors such as health, education and the environment in the Muslim world. And as it will come up with effective measures to boost up the progress of all these sectors in the Muslim world, so that will help it to eliminate the poverty from the Muslim world, which is the most concerning issue of the Muslim world.