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Egypt's State Information Service issued a report summarizing what the Egyptian army did last year, 2018, which it described as "the year of the death of terrorism in Egypt."

The service confirmed in a report that the security operation "Sinai 2018" has succeeded in completely abort the attacks, where last year carried out 8 operations described as "meager", compared to 222 in 2014.

The report refers to "major changes and transformations" on this issue, all under the broad title of "the decline of terrorism and its entry into its final stages", and outlined the main features of that achievement in eight key features.

"The failure of the terror plan to create a state of fear, panic and unrest among the Egyptians, and the overall operation led by the Egyptian army against the terrorist organizations and groups, resulted in a significant decline in their activities and consequently in the number of their terrorist operations. The final result in 2018 Was the lowest for the past five years. "

The forces were able to target many of the leaders of the first and second ranks of the organization "Beit al-Maqdis" "Sinai State", such as the leader of the organization Abu Osama al-Masri and many of the leaders of the first row, including Khairat Sami al-Sabki, the administrative officer of the organization, which directly affected the structure of the organization in terms of effectiveness and ability To carry out operations.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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