Oil Minister calls on int’l community to release oil ships, warns of humanitarian disaster

SANAA, Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Abdullah Daress on Saturday called on the United Nations, humanitarian organizations and international community to put pressure on Saudi-led aggression coalition to release the held oil derivatives ships.

In a press conference held in Sanaa by the Oil Ministry and the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC), the minister warned of a humanitarian catastrophe that would cast a shadow on various vital and service sectors due to the continued holding of oil derivatives ships.

The aggression coalition is currently holding nine ships carrying 103,394 tons of gasoline and 109,387 tons of diesel, although they were inspected and granted permits by the United Nations, according to the oil minister.

The oil ministry held, in a statement, the United Nations, all international organizations and the international community responsible for results of the unjust siege and the continued prevention of the oil ships from entering the port of Hodeidah.

The statement noted that the Ministry, represented by YPC, has done what it can to provide oil derivatives to the local market, but the last ship loaded with diesel arrived at the port of Hodeidah more than 50 days ago.

Source: Yemen News Agency