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DURBAN -- One person was killed and two others are in critical condition after they were attacked by a group of three people at a mosque in Durban on Thursday, early reports say.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects, believed to be Egyptian nationals. First reports saythe trio attacked people with knives and set fire to the mosque on Old Main Road in Ottawa, Durban.

The spokesperson for the South African Police Service (SAPS) Rapid Reaction Unit, Prem Balram, said: There were two injured victims in the forecourt of the mosque. One was bleeding profusely from a slit through his neck.

Balram said the victim's jugular vein was severed.

Paramedics were called immediately to the scene. Whilst they were attending to these victims, we noticed the building was on fire," he said.

"We made an attempt to put out the fire and we noticed from the 2nd floor of the mosque, a third victim had jumped to the ground. He was also covered in blood and his throat was also slit. We then got him medical attention. The three were rushed off to local hospitals and one passed on a short while later.

"The other two are in a critical condition and are fighting for their lives."


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