One operation costs UAE regime a lot: Yemen army spokesman

SANAA, Yemen's army spokesman Yahay Saria said in a statement just one operation by the Yemeni army will cost the UAE regime a lot. The spokesman revealed new details of the second deterrence operation that targeted Saudi oil facilities we have dozens of targets within our target bank in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and may be targeted at the moment. These Yemeni aircraft have fission heads carrying four precision bombs to attack the targets and can be jammed from enemy Radars. Our armed forces have high capabilities to manufacture and produce many drones in record time, he said. This process is a good example of the capabilities reached by our forces in planning and implementation, Saria added.. Yemen will not hesitate to respond to the aggression and has legitimate right to target all legitimate targets in the aggression countries. Seria reiterated that the new Yemen can be able to slap the enemy, which underestimated the Yemenis' blood, stressing that more oil installations and vital targets will be burned if the aggression continues on Yemen. Al-Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi repeatedly warns the aggression countries of that we don't allow to be the Yemeni people died being starved, Saria explained. The spokesman seriously warned our operations will be continued to stop the aggression, lift the siege and to end the suffering of the Yemeni people. Source: Yemen News Agency