September 24, 2021

Ongoing dispute between Iran & Saudi Arabia and its long lasting hazardous outcomes in Gulf region

Gulf region and hopelessness to bring peace there

As the Syrian turmoil has jumped into its fifth year, hopelessness of bringing peace in the Gulf region is prevailing so fast all over the world and it seems that we are not going to witness the peace process kicks off in the region and most specifically in the Syria. The fact, the Gulf region’s stakeholders must think of, is that without getting both Iran and Saudi Arabia united, we cannot head towards the peaceful solution for the region and that is world’s superpowers must know and they do not have any option but to strive hard to unite both the Gulf rivals, because whole world’s security is at stake because of the disturbed and uncertain situation of the Gulf region. The Gulf turmoil is not only waggling the world’s security, in fact, it is also rapidly moving the world’s economy towards decline because the Gulf region has always been a leading region when it comes to lead the world’s economy towards the right direction.

World superpowers and their wrong approach to defeat ISIS

One of the biggest threats, the Gulf region and the rest of the world, have been facing, is the threat of ISIS, and we must admit that “coping approach” for ISIS by the world’s superpowers have not been much more effective the way it was hoped. This is because the world’s superpowers have confined their efforts only to eliminate the ISIS and its terrorist group, overlooking the fact that in order to fully eliminate the ISIS, they will have to first put their full efforts into bringing peace in the Gulf region or unite the stakeholders of the Gulf region. Once they succeed in it, so coping with ISIS will not be a hell of a task for both the stakeholders of the Gulf region and the world’s superpowers. We will have to admit that the key to bring a peaceful solution to the Gulf region, is in Saudi Arabia and Iran’s hands and how the world’s superpowers will do now to get them united, is yet to be seen.

The world’s so far efforts to reduce distance between Iran and Saudi Arabia

It is sad to say that the world’s superpowers have not been following the right approach to bring peace in the Gulf region and get rid of the worlds so far the biggest phenomenon, which is none other than ISIS. If one goes through the current situation of the region thoroughly, so he/she will come to know that bringing peace in the Gulf region is revolving around two world’s superpowers and two major Gulf rivals and they happen to be the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. That reveals that bringing peace in the Gulf region is possible if these four countries unite to bring a unanimous solution to the Gulf region and that also manifests that these four countries have to play a major role to end up all this turmoil in the Gulf region, which after affecting the Gulf region, has also badly affected Europe, because after the turmoil in the region, the majority of refugees started heading towards Europe. That happens to be the biggest issue so far in Europe, as it was not fully ready to resettle all the refugees from the Gulf region and yet the leaders of Europe are not fully prepared as how to deal with this prolonged issue.

There is only one option for Saudi Arabia & Iran and it’s to shake hands

Yes, it is true that the intensity of the Turmoil in the Gulf region has left both the Gulf rivals only with one option and that is to shake hands and keep their grievances aside for the sake of the stability of the Gulf region, which will benefit both of them. In order to get them close to each other, there are only two superpowers of the world, which have the ability to accomplish this task and they are Russia and United States, as Russia happens to be closer to Iran and on the other than United States happens to be closer to Saudi Arabia. But here the situation gets more interesting, because both these superpowers are also busy in strengthening their influence on the Gulf region respectively, and that means that both Russia and United States will have to unite over sustaining peace in the Gulf region rather than finding appropriate countries in the Gulf region to protect their stakes and interests in the region.

Saudi Arabia’s recent move to ban Iranian Airline

Both the state of Iran and the state of Saudi Arabia, must understand that coming up aggressively against each other, will only intensify the tension, so rather than increasing it, they both must think of paving a way that can unite them. Recently, the world has witnessed that Saudi Arabian’s authorities have recently banned Iranian Mahan Airline from using its airspace and airports, no matter what is the reason behind it, but that can ignite already intense situation between both Iran and Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Arabia’s authorities, this specific Iranian Airline company has been witnessed to violate the rules and regulations that are to ensure safety of the airports in Saudi Arabia. This current move by the authorities of Saudi Arabia, to ban Iranian Airline, so far seems to be the reason for the violation committed by the Iranian Airline in the country, but as the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia happens to be at its peak, so Saudi Arabia should take the Iranian government into confidence that banning this specific Airline, is not to intensify already intense relation between both these two Gulf rivals of the Gulf region. This will give a positive message to Iran that Saudi Arabia is serious to have strong ties with Iran and that it wants to end up this Gulf turmoil with Iran together.