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SHABWA, Yemen- Operation Decisive Sword began early on Monday morning, against a stronghold of terrorism in the Upper Directorate of Shabwa, with the objective of expelling elements of the Al Qaeda organisation.

The operation is being carried out by the Shabwan Elite Forces, backed by the UAE, under the leadership of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

Air Force fighters belonging to the Coalition successfully wiped out Al Qaeda strongholds in the Upper Directorate of Shabwa, as part of "Operation Decisive Sword."

The Shabwan Elite Forces carrying out the operation, have already secured control of important locations and roads in the area.

According to reports from the field, a number of Al Qaeda members have surrendered, as a result.

With the support of the UAE's forces, coalition fighters also destroyed military vehicles and ammunition depots belonging to the Houthi militias in north-east of Hayes.

A day earlier, with the support of the Arab Coalition Forces, the legitimate Yemeni Armed Forces, liberated Al Nakhash mountains, near Maswarah in Naham Directorate, east of the capital, Sana'a, after battling the Iranian-backed Houthi militias, who suffered considerable losses in lives and equipment.

Yemeni military sources confirmed the deaths of 20 militants during the battles, while Arab Coalition aircraft bombed militia vehicles near Naham, which resulted in deaths and injuries.


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