Parliament agrees to include transitional justice law in its agenda

FNA 6.1.13 the parliament agreed in its Sunday session to include the national reconciliation and transitional justice draft law in its agenda.The Parliament listened to a message from President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi on the constitutional procedures for completing the draft law of the national reconciliation and the achievement of the transitional justice.
The President urged in his message directed to the parliament Speaker, the council presidency body and all members of the Parliament to approve the draft law in accordance with the GCC initiative, its operational mechanisms and to submit it to the President for issuance.
The President expressed hope the law will pave the way for a national transitional justice, asserting that the law will put an end to the political disputes and start a new page of tolerance and accord between all the Yemeni community forces and achieve the aspirations of all for peace, security and stability.
The President pointed in his message that there is more than an opinion within the government over this law, which had all been considered, proposing the draft law should be approved in the same form and content which is submitted to the Parliament for completing its constitutional procedures.