Parliament begins its sessions for 4th period

SANAA, The House of Representatives started holding its sessions for the fourth period of the second session of the 14th annual session under the chairmanship of Deputy Speaker Abdulsalam Zabia.

At the meeting, the House approved its draft agenda for this period after making some amendments and observations on it, including the responses of ministers to the questions submitted by members of the House.

The agenda includes the letter of President of the Supreme Political Council on his remarks on the draft law to establish a fund to support education, the developments of the aggression, especially the escalation in Hodeidah province, the communication with the Security Council, the United Nations and international and regional parliamentary unions and parliaments of Asian, European, African, Islamic and Arab countries to convey the grievance of the Yemeni people and demands of stopping the aggression and lifting the siege.

It also includes discussing the financial and economic situation, confronting the economic war, siege, transferring the functions of the Central Bank and the amounts of money printed abroad.

Source: Yemen News Agency