SANAA, The Parliament on Tuesday held its session under the chairmanship of its Speaker Yahya Al-Ra'i in the presence of the Prime Minister and his deputies, members of the National Salvation Government, the Mayor the Capital and the heads of departments and government bodies.

In the meeting, al-Ra'i welcomed Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor, his deputies, all the ministers, the Mayor of Capital and the specialists in the government.

Al-Ra'i stressed the complementarity of performance between all legislative, executive and judicial powers of the state in order to achieve harmony between the executive and supervisory functions, which would enhance the tasks and duties entrusted in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

He also stressed the need for the government to meet its obligations to implement all the recommendations already approved by the parliament, stressing also the need to avoid the aggravation of any problems that would increase the suffering of Yemenis especially with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan to alleviate the seize of suffering has burdened the citizen.

"We are all in the service of the homeland and the citizen, and we must work with utmost efforts to alleviate the suffering and the effects of the aggression and the siege on our country," he said.

Al-Ra'i pointed to the need to move and communicate with all organizations, bodies, human rights institutions and parliaments of the world to deliver the seize of grievance of the Yemeni people and their suffering through available channels, including the Yemeni who are abroad.

For his part, praised the PM stressed that the government faces many difficulties and challenges because of the continuation of US-saudi aggression coalition and siege, which requires concerted efforts to overcome them and to meet all the necessary commitments as possible and available. He added that "the government is preparing to receive Ramadan with a number of treatments, especially those related to the functions of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry."

At the meeting, the people's deputies stressed the need for the government to implement the recommendations approved by the parliament, including the unification of all revenue sources and within the framework of the law and referral of all cases to the judiciary in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the law and canceling high prices of domestic gas, foodstuffs, consumer goods and medicines..

The people's deputies pointed out the importance of paying salaries to all civil servants, especially civilians, and create good conditions to receive this holy month on Ramadan, deliver the assistance provided to Yemen to its beneficiaries as well as coordination between the ministries and competent authorities on controlling and eradicating diseases and infectious epidemics including cholera and N1.

The people's deputies reiterated the importance of obliging the President of Sana'a University to accept the students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hodeidah, who were included in the recommendations, solving the problems of cars and motorcycles non-registered, simplifying and facilitating procedures for citizens and improving traffic services.

At the meeting, ministers of oil and minerals, planning and international cooperation, water and environment, public health, population, industry and trade, and finance finance, the Mayor of the capital and the undersecretary of the interior ministry talked about the procedures related to their ministries.

"We asked the Ministry of Civil Service to prepare final lists so that a half of the salaries could be paid to the state employees before the month of Ramadan and another half of the salary before Eid al-Fitr," said Minister of Finance Dr. Rashid Abu-Mehm.

The Minister of Finance referred to a number of measures on the control and planning of expenditure in accordance with the recommendation of Parliament on the expenditure plan.

On his part, Mayor of the Capital Sanaa Hamoud Obad referred to the measures s taken to reduce the environmental disaster that threatens the Municipality of the capital represented in irrigating the vegetables with sewage and the meetings that took place with the sheikhs of Bani Harith, in direct coordination with the Minister of Water and Environment, to take measures to prevent such behavior harmful to public health For consumers in the capital.

He pointed out that one of these measures to prevent the authorization of such vegetables from enter via security points at the outskirts of capital as they are harmful to public health ..

He pointed to the subject of rising prices and measures taken to control the offenders via the closure of some shops manipulating prices.

Obad stressed that the local authority in the capital will work on the implementation of decisive and firm measures before the month of Ramadan, which reduces the burdens that burdened the citizen.

In light of this, the parliament approved the formation of a joint committee of parliament and the government to stand up to the issues, topics and proposals presented by the members of the parliament at this meeting and crystallize it to submit a report on solutions to the parliament at a future meeting.

The parliament had started its session by reviewing its previous minute and approved it and will continue its work on Wednesday morning, God willing.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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