Parliament listens to letter of President Al-Mashat

SANA’A, The Parliament listened on Wednesday, in its session chaired by Speaker Yahya Al-Ra’i, to a letter from President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat.
In the letter, President Al-Mashat called on the Parliament and the Shura Council to hold a joint session to discuss the developments of situation in the southern provinces and what Mahra and Socotra provinces are exposed to from the futility of the invaders, occupiers and their tools.
In this regard, the Parliament agreed to hold a joint session to discuss the contents of the letter.
At the session, the Parliament’s Speaker reiterated the call for uniting all efforts to confront the plots being hatched against Yemen, its unity, security and stability, and to counter all Saudi-Emirati practices in the provinces of Mahra and Socotra archipelago.
Al-Ra’i confirmed that the Parliament adheres to its firm national stances in preserving sovereignty over the entire Yemeni land, soil, islands and waters, and fighting the aggressors until victory is achieved.

Source: Yemen News Agency