Parliament listens to Prime Minister’s letter

SANAA, The Parliament on Monday listened to a letter of Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor regarding the request to postpone the government's attendance the Parliament's meeting today.

In its letter presented by Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Dr. Ali Abu Hulaiqa, the government explained that some responses require sufficient time for the answers to be comprehensive and supported by documents and data.

The letter indicated that the Cabinet discussed the request at its last meeting objectively and responsibly, and instructed the concerned ministers to prepare responses and clarifications to the inquiries contained in the Parliament's request.

The government's letter demanded that a day of the week be set for the attendance of the ministers, whose attendance is required, to respond to inquiries and questions or discuss reports, as the presence of ministers in the Parliament on a daily basis will affect their performance at the ministries.

Source: Yemen News Agency