SANAA, The Parliament in its meeting on Saturday listened to reply from Speaker of the British House of Commons John Bercow to its letter addressed to speakers of parliaments of Arab, Islamic and foreign countries, including Britain.

Bercow's reply included thanks to the Parliament's Speaker for his letter, dated April 15, on the situation in Yemen, which confirmed that British MPs follow-up the developments of events in Yemen.

The Speaker of the House of Commons pointed out that the Parliament's letter touched on the tragic situation experienced by Yemen and, as an urgent matter, he referred the topic to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the body responsible for the foreign policy of security in the United Kingdom to brief them on what is happening to be aware of it.

The Parliament's letter directed to the world's parliaments stated that Saudi Arabia and the UAE had gathered some members of the parliament from capitals of Saudi-led coalition countries to convene a meeting of the so-called Yemeni parliament, which represented an aggression and a flagrant interference in internal affairs of Yemen and violation of Yemen's sovereignty and independence.

The letter stressed that the Parliament in the capital Sanaa is the only legislative institution that represents the Yemeni people with all its political, social and cultural components.

It also touched on the aggression war that has been waged by Saudi-UAE-led coalition countries on Yemen since March 2015, which resulted in the killing of tens of thousands of civilians due to the coalition airstrikes, as well as the disastrous effects of the aggression coalition on millions of Yemenis.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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