Permanent Representative of Yemen to the United Nations, Ambassador Khalid Hussein Yamani, stressed here that, sustainable peace will not be achieved, by rewarding the putschists, for effecting their coup and handing over power, on a platter of gold, to them.

The ambassador said, before the opening briefing of the Security Council session, on the situation in Yemen, that, "there will be no peace, if a lot of the arms are kept in the hands of the militias, which occupy provinces, cities and villages of Yemen, under the pretext of segmentation and timing of the solution, meanwhile, demands are made for the termination of the legitimacy and hand the government over to the putschists.

He stressed that, the Yemeni sovereignty today is only represented by the Yemeni institution of the presidency, which cannot be compromised, as the only responsible and guarantor for the completion of the political transition process, in Yemen, according to the Gulf initiative, the output of the national dialogue, completion of the draft of the new Federal Constitution, and the subsequent transition to run the elections.


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