RIYADH, The Command of the Alliance in support of legitimacy in Yemen confirmed keenness to facilitate relief and humanitarian aid process being implemented by international relief and humanitarian organizations in Yemen according to international law, it was reported here.

In a statement, the command said that the evacuation and humanitarian operations unit, an affiliate of the alliance, has since the launch of determination storm and restoration of hope issued as many as 7,825 licenses, out of them 3,214 air permits, 2,467 sea permits and 1,144 land permits.

The statement warned from the repercussions of Houthi militias obstructing the flow of those humanitarian operations, through abductions, theft and port attacks.

The alliance demanded the world community to coerce the coup in Sana'a to show respect to the human side of the issue to pave the way for achieving security and stability in the region.

Meanwhile, a report issued by the Yemeni Alliance to Monitor Human Rights Violations said that 180 civilians were killed and 205 injured by the force of Houthis in Yemen last June.

The report added that June witnessed the occurrence of 917 human rights violations, including 236 abductions, 33 forcible missing, eight tortures, ten children military recruitment, out of them five in Zamar province, three in Amran and two in Al-Hodaida.

According to the report, as many as 217 incidents were committed against private properties in 15 provinces, including 148 buildings, most of them in Taiz province. However, public properties in Zamar province were subject to most violations, followed by Sana'a where 16 cases of violations were reported, focusing on 30 violations.