Petroleum companies of paying up to $1 million for protection

National Yemen

Petroleum companies pay for protection

By NY Staff

The National Human Rights Forum recently received a complaint from Abdul-Aziz Mohammed Al-Mass, from Al-Ma’aroofia village in Hodeida, stating that he had been imprisoned by General Hassan Ahmed Al-Haij, Secretary General of the governorate.

According to the complaint, Al-Mass was imprisoned in the guard room of the governorate council’s office for more than 15 days.

“I don’t know what I was arrested for and when I asked him to release me, he answered by saying that he had governmental power to do whatever he wanted,” said Al-Mass.

The forum has condemned Al-Mass’s detention, demanded that the makeshift detention site be shut down and stated that Secretary General Al-Hajj be barred from working in Hodeida governorate.

According to the forum, this latest incident didn’t represent the first time when General Al-Haij had broken the law. They National Human Rights Forum went on state that it held the Attorney General and local authorities fully responsible for human rights violations against people in Hodeida.