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SANAA, Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtour called on the United Nations to take a strict stance against the escalation of the Saudi-led aggression coalition in the economic siege and its fight against the Yemeni people in their basic needs.
The move came during his meeting with the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Lise Grande.
At the meeting, bin Habtour pointed out that the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition continued to detain tankers carrying oil derivations and food, despite the UN permits to
reach Hodeidah, considering the masseurs as a condemned act and a direct affront to the United Nations and its oversight and inspection mechanism, UNIFEM.
During the meeting, the officials discussed the progress of the activities made by the UN and the international humanitarian organizations working in Yemen and ways to consolidate their activities in order to cope with the increasing needs of the Yemeni people as a result of the aggression and the blockade imposed on Yemen.
They touched on the stifling crisis of oil derivatives and its direct impact on the sectors of public health, water and sanitation due to the ongoing siege by the aggression states on oil and food ship, stressing importance of international action to exert pressure on the aggression coalition to release detained ships to alleviate the suffering the Yemeni people.
The meeting emphasized that the continuation of the aggression coalition in carrying out the maritime piracy policy with the detention of ships carrying oil derivatives, would aggravate the humanitarian tragedy that the Yemeni people have suffered disastrously for more than five years.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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