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SANAA, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Tuesday discussed with the United Nations Resident Representative, Humanitarian Coordinator Lise Grande, the aspects related to the priorities of the humanitarian response plan for the current year and its developmental dimension.

During the meeting, they discussed the joint mechanism to promote international humanitarian activity and ensure that it covers various target groups and areas.

The meeting tackled the necessary measures to strengthen the joint effort to face the difficulties of the field, including the necessary facilities for the UN and international teams to carry out their humanitarian tasks and duties in a broader manner commensurate with the size of humanitarian activity included in the humanitarian response plan.

The meeting discussed ways to achieve the humanitarian and development objectives of the financial allocations included in this plan, which will benefit public works, farmers and fishermen whose farms and equipment have been destroyed by the aggression.

They dealt with tragic effects of the brutal massacre of women and children in the Kushar district of Hajjah province, which killed and wounded more than 40 civilians, as well as the importance of international action to stop the futile war carried out by the coalition and its persistence in killing the people of Yemen in such a criminal manner, without distinction between the military and civilian targets.

The Prime Minister praised the important goals that the Humanitarian Response Plan seeks to achieve in order to alleviate the existing humanitarian disaster and to seek to open new horizons in the humanitarian support process by supporting areas linked to large sectors of the Yemeni people.

Dr. Bin Habtoor called on the United Nations and the international community to take firm positions toward the Saudi-Saudi evil coalition that has destroyed Yemen.

Grande a said that the current year's response plan aims to enhance livelihoods by financing projects that create multiple jobs.

She pointed to the vision of the United Nations Development Program to confirm the strength of humanitarian interventions in line with the size of the available support.

She stressed the United Nations keenness to stay with the Yemeni people and to fulfill their promises to continue to mitigate the repercussions of the current exceptional situation.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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