SANAA, Prime Minister Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor received Wednesday in Sanaa Deputy Executive Director at World Food Programme (WFP) Amir Mahmoud Abdullah and his accompanying delegation currently visiting Yemen.

During the meeting, they discussed the cooperation relations between Yemen and the global program and means to develop and expand its humanitarian activities towards the millions of Yemenis, who were driven by the human tragedy that was created by the saudi-UAE coalition of aggression and their siege, to reach on the brink of famine.

The meeting assessed the humanitarian interventions of the global program during the past years, especially in 2018, and their positive effects for the majority of the affected people, in order to alleviate the burden of the oppressive situation they are going through.

It touched upon the impurities that accompanied some of the aid, as well as the importance of increase in distribution in a number of targeted areas, especially the seam zone, where their children face deteriorating conditions.

It discussed the possibility of moving to a new mechanism for the field work of the program, especially related to the delivery of aid to the beneficiaries with high transparency to ensure access to the beneficiaries directly including the mechanism of cash assistance, expected to start in the coming period.

The meeting discussed the disposal of expired materials that were seized in a number of areas.

The meeting stressed the need to set up a joint team of the National Salvation Government and the programme to coordinate the efforts and develop solutions to the problems and challenges with the implementation of all what is agreed in practice in accordance with an effective institutional approach.

It dealt with the importance of the program's support to the health and water arena for their direct link with people's lives.

Bin Habtoor renewed the government's keenness to strengthen the partnership relations, to continue to discuss and agree on the most effective formula for the distribution of food aid and help that the cash aid reach to the targets quickly.

For his part, the WFP's official stressed the keenness of the World Food Program to continue efforts and work together to address the existing problems and ensure the safety of all materials provided through it.

He pointed out the importance of moving to a new mechanism that would increase the level of support provided by the program and ensure that it reaches its beneficiaries from the most needy groups, pointing to the need for a dynamic institutional formula, that ensures the implementation of all what was agreed upon and ensures the translation of the common goals in the arrival of food and cash assistance to the target groups on a regular and transparent basis.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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