PM: Judiciary independence is holy principle that should be preserved

SANA’A, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Wednesday said that the independence of the judiciary is a holy principle and it must be preserved despite the challenges the nation faces.
During his meeting in Sana’a with Acting chairman of Yemen Judges Club Judge Jamal Al-Fahidi, the Prime Minister confirmed that the organs of the executive authority are keen to provide the necessary support to the judicial authority to strengthen its independence and steadfastness in light of the current situation the country is going through due to the aggression and blockade.
He pointed out that this represents an important message to the aggression coalition and its mercenaries, that “we are a state that respects the rule of law and applies legal texts.”
The meeting discussed the club’s activities and ways to consolidate its role in a way that contributes to developing the work of the judiciary system in general, as well as the issue of security protection for courts, public prosecutions and members of the judiciary.

Source: Yemen News Agency