SANAA, - Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Tuesday congratulated the Yemeni media on their national day and praised the celebration on this occasion to gave it a national, moral and humanitarian dimension.

During his participation in the event organized by the Ministry of Information in Sanaa on the occasion of the National Media Day and four years of Yemen's steadfastness, he referred to the strategic position of the media in the reality of nations and peoples especially the developed ones and its positive roles in building and development and forming positive public opinion.

"We have followed the role of the media in the so-called Arab Spring in the disruption of society and to incite people on each other and feed intolerance and encourage fighting calls."

The Prime Minister referred to the destructive approach followed by the enemy's media and the quality of the studied terms used by them and its circulation through its media means to change facts and create a public opinion interacting with its destructive projects, stressing in this regard on the great moral responsibility that the media should have to play an important role towards its society and homeland.

In his speech, the Prime Minister highlighted the national vision for the further development of the structure of modern state of Yemen, which was approved by the Supreme Political Council after extensive discussion by the government and various constitutional institutions, official and community frameworks, including Yemeni universities and political and partisan organizations.

He pointed out that the vision is a reading of the past, present and future of Yemen and a response to the slanders, lies and deception adopted by the US-saudi coalition of aggression and mercenaries since the beginning of their aggression to accuse the political thought of Ansaruallah. adding that "The position of the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Deen al-Houthi, was clear and strong when he said recently that the return to sectarianism, and racial is a call to ignorance, affirming that the rule of law and transparency is what Yemen wants to prevail."

He pointed out that the government will embark on the immediate implementation of the vision while working on the continuous evaluation to confirm the readiness to build a modern Yemeni state, stressing that this great national work is only a continuation of Yemen's civilized human experience started by ancestors thousands of years ago.

The Minister of Information, Dhaifallah Al-Shami, praised the media workers on the National Media Day.

The Minister of Information referred also to the role of journalists, activists and writers from outside Yemen who represent part of this homeland and its steadfastness.

He pointed out that the celebration of the media National Day of Information represents a revival of values and principles of media message, pointing out that President al-Mashat ordered to seek funding for a radio station belonging to Radio Sanaa, the general program to cover the southern provinces and the coastal areas.

He pointed out that the engineering sector in the Ministry of Information and the Yemeni General Corporation for Radio and Television has repaired three radio stations from 15 airfields bombed by the coalition which were installed to strengthen the broadcasting in Saada, Najran, Jizan and Asir regions, as well as Hodeidah and the western coast.

"There are achievements in the Yemeni satellite T.V. channel and various media and channels at the level of programs and coverage of news and reports and we are keen to develop a strategy to transfer news from the fronts," he said.

Minister al-Shami said that the Ministry of Information invited foreign media to visit Yemen and had received requests made by 226 international media outlets and international networks.

He pointed out that 83 media outlets were only able to reach Yemen to convey the voice of truth, while the coalition had prevented 143 intentional media means from entering.

He pointed out that the United Nations has been approached to transfer representatives of the media on its planes, but apologized after agreeing due to prevention by the coalition from the entry of any journalist to Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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