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Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor met on Saturday with Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami and Higher Education and Scientific Research Hussein Hazeb.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Transport discussed the progress of a number of development projects in this vital sector, as well as those being prepared to meet the growing needs expected in the near term.

Minister Al-Shami gave a brief presentation on the most prominent issues facing the ministry and the efforts exerted by the air, land and sea transport institutions to ensure permanent readiness in its facilities, especially Sana'a International Airport and the port of Hodeidah in providing its routine and humanitarian services especially after the end of the blockade.

He pointed to the status of the port of Hodeidah in the light of the failure of the mission of the international observer team because of the intransigence of the aggression countries and their private interpretations of the Swedish agreement.

He stressed the importance of neutralizing the port from military operations in order to ensure that it does not stop working because it is the main source for the flow of commercial materials and humanitarian aid in accordance with the local and international laws governing its work to present this matter to the international observers team at next meeting.

The meeting discussed in the light of a report presented by Minister Hazab, the performance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research last year, and the most prominent activities carried out to develop the academic and educational process and to confirm quality standards in public, private e universities.

During the meeting, they discussed the status of the University of September 21 and the mechanism of activating its activities in accordance with the Ministry's plans

They also discussed the status of Hajjah University.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the tasks and developmental projects carried out by the Ministry of Transport for the benefit of the present and the future. He praised the tasks carried out by the Ministry of Transport in order to confirm the readiness of the port of Hodeidah despite the destruction caused by the US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition.

He called on the UN observer team to understand the reality of the situation in Hodeidah and to be absolutely certain that the leadership of the State represented by the President of the Supreme Political Council and the Government of Salvation is ready to implement the provisions of the Swedish agreement.

Dr. Bin Habtoor noted the programs and activities carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education during the past year. He pointed out the importance of the Ministry's vision to activate the University of September 21 and achieve its important educational role, especially in light of the current exceptional circumstances.

He ordered the ministry to issue a brief report on Hajjah University in accordance with the mandate of Council of Ministers to the Ministry in this regard.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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