PM meets UNICEF resident representative

SANA’A, Mar. 02 (Saba) – Prime minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor has affirmed that the humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen are required to strengthen and expand their humanitarian activities during the current period.

During his meeting with UNICEF Resident Representative Philippe Duamelle, bin Habtoor noted the severe bottlenecks of oil vessels and their direct impact on basic services directly linked to citizens and their daily lives, such as health, water, environment and transport.

He praised the positive roles humanitarian organizations have played in supporting the Yemeni people over the past years and their courageous response to the hostile decision taken by the previous American administration against the Yemeni people.

Bin Habtoor affirmed the development of cooperation relations between the concerned government agencies and UNICEF, particularly in the areas of water, environment, education, and social care.

He touched on the international donors’ conference on Yemen and its role in mobilizing the necessary funds to reduce the aspects of the great tragedy that the Yemeni people are going through, especially with regard to food security in light of indicators that confirm food insecurity for almost half of the population due to the continuing aggression, blockade and economic war.

On his part, Duamelle affirmed UNICEF’s commitment to continue providing aid to the Yemeni people, in particular to the children of Yemen, as they are among the most affected groups in the current situation.

He indicated that he would continue talking to the world about the situation of Yemen and its children and the need to work to stop the tragic situation experienced by the Yemeni people.

Duamelle said the humanitarian situation in all its aspects has reached a bad state and it is unacceptable for Yemeni children to die because they do not have access to food, water, and health care.

Source: Yemen News Agency