PM: Next year will be year of evaluating, monitoring of govt institutions performance

SANA’A, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor said on Monday that the next year, 2021, will be the year of evaluating and monitoring the performance of government institutions, especially the service ones.
This came during the prime minister’s participation in the conclusion of the service ministries workshop to implement the second phase plan of the National Vision 2021-2025 and the plan emanating from it for the next year 2021.
The Prime Minister noted to the need to work in accordance with the legal and regulatory frameworks for the safety of procedures and to move away from practices that confuse institutional work and affect the level of performance.
He mentioned that one of the most important plans of the aggression countries is to foil the state institutions because of their great importance in promoting steadfastness and stability and the continuation of the wheel of development and service activity.
Dr. bin Habtoor touched on the process of the phased implementation of the National Vision, saying “We are all aware that the national vision needs huge funds and that we are in an exceptional situation, but we will nevertheless work according to our available capabilities.”
He added, “The stage is the stage of jihad, and everyone struggles in their own positions. The internal administrative front is no less important than the rest of the fronts.”
The Prime Minister explained that the legitimacy of the Salvation Government is derived from the constitutional institutions and its presence on the land of Yemen.
He affirmed that the other party residing in exile under the tutelage of the aggression countries does not have any independence in the decision.
“We, here, are a state of institutions and we have leadership and a distinguished security aspect, and our regional and international situation is strengthened as a result of the steadfastness of our people and their men on the fronts and by the sacrifices of our martyrs,” he said.

Source: Yemen News Agency