PM receives honorary doctorate, peace medal from World Peace Academy

SANAA, The World Peace Academy awarded an honorary doctorate and the World Peace Medal to Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor in the field of thought and human studies, in recognition of his role in spreading the culture of peace.

The Prime Minister received the honorary doctorate certificate and the peace medal during his meeting on Monday in Sanaa with Vice President of the World Peace Academy, Dr. Khalid al-Sabae.

Dr. al-Sabae said this honoring also comes in recognition of Dr. bin Habtoor's distinguished academic and research role, which he has offered over the past two decades to date in the fields of promoting peace, human rights, public freedoms, social justice and spreading the culture of peace among peoples.

He indicated that the World Medal of Peace is the first medal awarded this year by the Academy to a global figure within five medals awarded annually to influential figures in spreading the culture of peace and peaceful coexistence at the global level.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister thanked the World Academy for this honoring with its high moral value.

Source: Yemen News Agency