SANAA, "The educated and enlightened woman is the decisive factor in the development of any society, which is the conclusion of many educational researches in Yemen and in many countries of the world, "said on Sunday Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor.

This came when the Prime Minister participated in the event organized by the Ministry of Human Rights today on the occasion of International Women's Day and the seminar on the presentation of a report on the status of Yemeni women.

He added "Women are the most sensitive segment of society and the most responsible towards family issues and we find them standing at many times to face the challenges facing all her family life."

Dr. Bin Habtoor considered the annual celebration of women a kind of reminder of the world's responsibilities towards women.

He considered it important to meet with different political, social and cultural circles to celebrate such a day and to discuss what happened to women and especially the consequences of aggression and war on this segment in particular.

He stressed that women are the largest segment affected in any war not in Yemen, but in the world because they are responsible for arranging the affairs of her home and its children and disabled persons whether they are male or female.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Yemenis can be constantly praised in their positive historical presence towards the women who ruled before and during Islam.

He pointed out that despite the complexities and nature of the traditional society in Yemen, women have managed to attain good leadership and political positions, both in the Shura Council, in the government and in other institutions, in order to make a space for wider participation for women and taking into account the issue of empowering them.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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