Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor met on Wednesday with Minister of Culture Abdullah Al-Kibsi, who handed him a report on the status of the historical cities listed in the list of human heritage, namely Sanaa, Zabid, Shibam Hadramout and the challenges facing it.

The report reviewed the current state of the three cities and the old city of Sana'a in particular, as well as the national effort it requires to maintain its unique character and important position on the global human heritage list.

The report stressed the importance of concerted efforts of the relevant central and local authorities to remove the distortion that has affects some monuments of the old city and to tighten punitive measures deterrent to the abusers .

The report referred to the outcomes of the special symposium entitled "Sanaa Historic City" held last year and the importance of the commitment of the concerned parties to implement it for protect the city.

The Prime Minister referred to the important information and procedures that require attention and action by all concerned in order to preserve the old city of Sanaa and preserve it as a great historical and cultural heritage for the Yemeni people.

He stressed the importance of all central and local institutions to carry out their duties to preserve this historical legacy from various aspects of tampering and to take action against anyone who is distorting its unique architectural character.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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