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SANAA, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor on Sunday said that "the activities of the universities can not be completed except in the presence of research work and scientific discussions offered by scientific conferences and seminars."

This came during his participation in the second scientific conference on human sciences, organized by the University of Andalusia in the capital Sanaa, with the participation of a group of professors of Yemeni universities and researchers.

He noted the qualitative leap achieved by private higher education setor during this exceptional period which enabled it to overcome the difficulties imposed by aggression and siege.

"Universities are a real candle that dispels the darkness of the continuous aggression against our people for nearly four years." he said.

Dr. Bin Habtoor highlighted the important role of scientific research in finding sound solutions to various developmental and social issues and supporting the dynamics of sustainable development.

He also referred to Yemen's human resources, which, if properly developed, would enable it to play a pioneering role in the Arabic Peninsula, Gulf and all the region as it had in the past to achieve achievements not achieved by another people.

"Yemen will remain, as it was since the dawn of history, a source of good and a maker of great achievements thanks to its unity and today our Homeland is an important factor for the stability and economy of the region and the world."

"The wealth of man is also incarnated in his mental ability, scientific thinking and research achievements, not only in Money," he said, noting that the funds owned by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are sufficient to bring about development in Africa, Asia and perhaps the world.

He pointed out that the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf invest their money in fueling conflicts aimed at harming the Arab nation.

He addressed the aftermath of the US-saudi-backed aggression, occupation and siege of death, destruction in all parts of Yemen.

He said that the steadfastness of Yemen is realistic and not propaganda. "Therefore, the world has recently realized that the Yemeni issue can not be resolved by force of arms, but by peaceful means," He said.

"The coalition' aggression and those who walk in its orbit do not even recognize the right of Yemenis to think and creativity," he said.

"They are making fun of Yemen's military defense capability and claiming that Iran is supplying our people with weapons while they are besieging every inch of Yemeni territory," he added.

"Those from abroad do not want to end the aggression and the war imposed on our people because this war are a source of wealth and accumulation of their assets and realize that stopping war means losing their interests, which are increasing day after day," he said.

The Prime Minister concluded by stressing that the talk of any development of Homelands can only take place with the positive presence of scientists, thinkers and researchers who have good ideas for the benefit of their country, its development and the welfare of their people.

For his part, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussein Hazeb, pointed out the keenness to activate and link the 96 centers of studies in the scientific research and networking site to unite efforts and make studies and research accessible to all.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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