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SANAA, Yemen is facing a real dilemma in the water field because of the severe depletion of its water stock, which has been collected in the ground for millions of years, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Habtoor said on Wednesday.

This came when Dr. Bin Habtoor participated in the event organized by the Ministry of Water and Environment on the occasion of World Water Day 2019 in the presence of Deputies Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs Maj. Gen. Jalal al-Ruwaishan and for Development and Economic Affairs Dr. Hussein Mabouli, Planning Minister Abdulaziz al-Kummim and Public Health and Population Minister Dr. Taha al-Mutawakil.

He said that celebrating of this day by world is an indication that there is a major issue that threatens humanity and calls for the attention of all.

He refereed in this context to the war of water that we hear about always between countries, especially in the Middle East, which almost caused political and military crises between the river states.

He pointed out that the Yemeni civilization is almost the only civilization of among ancient civilizations that did not exist on the banks of rivers, attributed to the great will of the Yemeni man who created dams and water barriers to benefit from the monsoon rains for various purposes.

The Prime Minister addressed the challenges faced by the water sector and its main components because of the US-saudi aggression coalition and its great caused destruction, which confirms the nature of the aggression and its real objectives, namely targeting and killing the Yemeni people through its various tools covering the declared goals.

"Yemenis are more interested than ever in reading the reality correctly and looking for common keys to peace and coexistence that serves their security and stability," he said.

"In these circumstances, we need a real coalition and conscious cohesion, especially among the national project against aggression and siege in all its sectors, leaders and influential forces," he said.

The Prime Minister expressed his thanks and appreciation for the political leadership of the great efforts and services provided by friends in the international humanitarian system, especially UNICEF, in alleviating the tragedy of the Yemeni people, including this sector related to life and its continuation.

He praised the sincere efforts exerted by the Minister of Water and Environment and its staff in managing the water and environment sector, as well as the solutions they are offering to many of the major problems and challenges facing them.

For his part, praised Minister of Water and Environment Engineer Nabil al-Wazeer the attention and support enjoyed by the sectors of water, sanitation and environmental by the President of the Supreme Political Council and the President of the Government of National Salvation.

The Minister of Water and Environment referred to the efforts exerted by the Ministry in the field of using solar energy to operate water wells in a number of provinces, in addition to the implementation of many programs related to rehabilitation and capacity building of workers in the sector and support and strengthen the institutional work of water bodies and institutions without exception.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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