PM, UNICEF’s officials discuss joint work priorities

SANAA, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Saturday discussed with UNICEF Representative to Yemen Sara Nyanti and her Deputy Bastien Vigneau the cooperation relations and the joint action priorities, especially in the areas of water and health.

The meeting dealt with the arrangements for the disbursement of the sixth payment of social security allocations amounting to 22 billion riyals, which benefit 1.5 million families across the country, as well as UNICEF's effort to secure the necessary funding to ensure the continuation of this process.

In this regard Dr. bin Habtoor appreciated the UNICEF's efforts, indicating to other sectors that require special support from UNICEF such as water, environment and health.

For her part, Nyanti confirmed UNICEF's endeavor to strengthen partnership with relevant ministries, especially water and environment, whose work is of great importance to people's lives and safety.

She said that the process of disbursing the sixth payment of the social security allocations would start on Sunday, October 6, in cooperation with the relevant ministries and bodies.

UNICEF representative noted that the joint action plan, led by Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf, is in the final stage of preparation, and it would be signed by the government and UNICEF soon.

Source: Yemen News Agency