SANAA, Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz Saleh bin Habtoor on Wednesday paid visit to the Higher Committee for Elections and Referendum (HCER) to inspect the final arrangements for the completion of the parliamentary elections in the vacant constituencies in a number of provinces.

During his meeting with the Chairman of the Higher Committee, Judge Mohammad Abdullah Al-Salami and his deputy Judge Mohammad Mohsen Al-Azerou, a number of officials of the Committee, in addition to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Major General Rizq Al-Jufi, Head of Authority of operation at Defense Ministry, Gen. Mohahammad al-Miqdad, they heard a presentation on the various processes related to the holding of the elections to fill the vacant seats and the executive, procedural, technical and field steps, which the Committee has achieved for the Saturday's voting.

The Chairman of the Higher Committee and members of the Committee participants in the meeting affirmed that the Committee completed all the preparatory processes for the holding of elections on time, including the full dispatch of ballot papers to the branches in the provinces where elections will be held.

They pointed out that the Committee, in order to promote full transparency in this democratic process, has been invited, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the relevant international organizations and bodies concerned with Yemen to monitor the process. He pointed out that the monitoring of the elections is also open to all relevant civil society institutions.

The Prime Minister noted his great pride of the staff of committee and their efforts exerted.

He stressed that the National Salvation Government's continued support to the Committee to complete the parliamentary elections vacant.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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