SANAA, New Zealand police have ordered all mosques in the country to close their doors until further notice on the grounds of an attack on Christ Church's mosques on Friday, which killed 40 people.

"At this stage we can not comment on the potential motives of the attackers or the reasons for their aggression, but we have asked all mosques in the country to close their doors and recommended that worshipers refrain from going to mosques now," police said on its official website.

Among the echoes of the attack in the world, Los Angeles police announced that it has intensified patrols around mosques in the city, and San Francisco police announced the adoption of preventive security measures in the vicinity of mosques in the city as well.

New Zealand's Christchurch saw shooting on the first two mosques on Denis Street and the second on Lynwood Street.

Police said the incident took place during Friday prayers, leaving 40 dead and dozens wounded, noting that it had arrested four suspects in the wake of the attack.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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