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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said US relations with Russia are not doomed to confrontation and the Cold War, but Washington is waiting for Moscow to "change its behavior."

In a speech to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland on Tuesday, Pompeo noted that there is no obstacle to the development and prosperity of the United States and Russia side by side.

"We are not doomed to be two sides of the war, and we can do more," he said, adding "it is necessary that there be changes in Russia's behavior."

Pompeo stressed that the United States is aware of the need for dialogue with Moscow to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons in the world. "Russia and the United States are the two countries with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world, and Russia is a big country on this level, and we are aware of that, and therefore it is necessary to communicate among us to be able to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons."

This comes on the backdrop of the announcement by the United States that it will begin to withdraw from the medium and short-range missile treaty on February 2 and adopt a new missile defense strategy aimed at protecting the United States from various types of missiles, including winged and ultrasonic.

Moscow has expressed concern about the US steps and considered it a threat to international security and stability.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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