President Al-Mashat meets with Deputy Minister of Electricity

SANA’A, President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat, met on Sunday with Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy Abdulghani Al-Madani.
President Al-Mashat stressed the need for the Ministry of Electricity to achieve a qualitative leap during the year 2021 and to exploit possible alternatives to provide electricity to citizens, especially rural areas.
The President held the United Nations fully responsible for the continuation of the blockade and maritime piracy against oil ships, which led to the disruption of work in many hospitals and service facilities.
During the meeting, Al-Madani reviewed what the ministry had accomplished during the past year. He pointed out that the blockade and maritime piracy by the Saudi-led aggression coalition against fuel ships are the most prominent obstacles that prevented the provision of electricity in a large scale to citizens.

Source: Yemen News Agency