President Al-Mashat visits Martyr Al-Samad’s Cemetery

President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat on Sunday visited the Martyr Al-Sammad Cemetery in the capital Sana'a, coinciding with the anniversary of the Martyr Day.

During the visit, President Al-Mashat laid a wreath and held a pray for the souls of the martyrs of the homeland who sacrificed their lives while defending Yemen, its sovereignty and independence in the face of the forces of arrogance and hegemony.

President Al-Mashat considered the martyr’s anniversary "a station full of lessons to recall the sacrifices and heroic exploits made by the martyrs in the face of the forces of US-Saudi aggression."

He affirmed that no matter how much the Saudi-led aggression coalition persists in its criminality and siege, it would not discourage the Yemeni people from moving forward in the battle for liberation and independence until the entire country is liberated from the invaders and occupiers.

The President indicated that caring for the families of the martyrs comes among the priorities of the Supreme Political Council and the government.

Source: Yemen News Agency