SANAA, - President, Mahdi al-Mashat, met on Wednesday with Minister of Information Deifallah al-Shami.

During the meeting, they discussed the work progress in the Ministry and its affiliated institutions, the difficulties they face due to the scarcity of possibilities and the necessary needs to carry out their important national duty at this difficult stage experienced by the country.

The meeting touched on the important role played by the Ministry of Information and the official media, which is one of the most important fronts to confront the US-saudi aggression coalition and their misleading campaigns.

The meeting also dealt with aspects related to developing and improving the level of media performance in line with the requirements of the current stage.

The meeting reviewed the plans of the ministry and its affiliated institutions to improve their performance and keep abreast of the developments in the media field in order to enable them to uncover the crimes of aggression and to confront the media tools of the aggression coalition.

The President praised the role of the national media and the efforts made under difficult circumstances and systematic targeting by the coalition of aggression.

He stressed the keenness to provide the needs of the necessary national media according to the available possibilities.

He noted the efforts exerted by the Minister of Information to improve the level of media performance and provide the requirements of the media to improve performance and media work.

The Minister of Information referred to the progress of the ministry and the media institutions, and the achievements made during the past period despite the scarcity of possibilities and difficulties faced.

He stressed the need to redouble efforts and work on everything that would convey the truth to the world public opinion to face the campaigns via which seeks the coalition of aggression through its media tools to counterfeit the facts.

Al-Shami reiterated the importance of continuing to address the campaigns of aggression through targeted media attention as well as work to promote alignment and cohesion and keep pace with all activities and events at the central level, the provinces and popular events.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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