SANAA, President Mahdi al-Mashat, on Tuesday congratulated the workers in Yemen on the occasion of the International Workers' Day, which falls on May 1, confirming that there is no renaissance or building without freedom and independence.

President Al-Mashat expressed his warm congratulations to the workers of the Republic of Yemen at home and abroad.

"We express to all workers in our country our deep appreciation for their fundamental role in building the nation at this difficult time in the history of Yemen in light of the American-Saudi coalition aggression in its fifth year," he said.

He pointed out that the workers of Yemen were at the forefront of the nation's honorable defenders of Homeland and its dignity, sovereignty and struggle in various fields of struggle and work for the progress and development and construction of the homeland.

"We remember all your struggles and feel your suffering in this economic situation, where you suffer more than others, due to unjust aggression targeting the Yemeni land and its people, all the resources and wealth of the country," he told the workers.

"We also feel the great suffering that our expatriates are facing in some countries, in forefront of which Saudi Arabia, and we condemn priving their rights and ill-treatment they are subjected to and salute their high national feeling and their attachment to the values and principles of this Arab Muslim nation," he added.

He stressed that the steadfastness of the workers and their patience is a key factor of victory, despite the siege and systematic economic targeting for factories and facilities by the enemy, but the workers in Yemen proved in these five years that their determination is greater than the military machine.

He added addressing to workers on their Day : "We assure you that at this stage, after we have launched the National Vision project, we count on you a great deal, and rely on our human strength before any other wealth for this country, and we see that the Yemeni human resource is our most precious treasure."

He added : "we will give this most of our attention within the project (A hand to build our country and another hand to protect it)."

He pointed out that building the homeland is the responsibility of all, and the will and vision are available today to move forward toward a prosperous Yemen, whatever sacrifices or time necessary to do.

He pointed out that the protection and building of the country are close and inseparable paths, there is no renaissance or building without sovereignty and independence.

"Therefore, we call upon all our sons, brothers and sisters from the working class to take a serious step and move in the fields of building and protection side by side ," he said encouraging their will and enhancing their determination to build their prosperous dear homeland.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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