SANAA, President, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Wednesday inaugurated the executive procedures for the tribal honor document signed by the different Yemeni tribes.

This came during his meeting with the President aead of the popular tribal cohesion Council Sheikh Dhaifullah Rasam and heads of tribal cohesion councils in the capital Sanaa and the rest of provinces.

The President stressed the importance of the Tribal Document of Honor aimed at activating the role of the tribe in defense and security and organizing its affairs to prepare them for active participation in opinion and decision-making, preserving the social constants and improving the social role, to face all challenges or conspiracies that target the homeland.

He referred to that the situation on the national scene and the efforts exerted to implement the agreement of Sweden in order to achieve peace despite the continued violations of aggression.

Pointing out that what is being exposed to the homeland of the conspiracy and aggressive aggression requires everyone to strengthen cohesion and alignment to meet the challenges and concerted official and popular efforts in this regard.

The President praised the prominent role of the Yemeni tribe in various historical stages and the sacrifices made in the face of the invaders and occupiers, pointing to the importance of the document in the fortification of the tribe and the preservation of the social fabric and national constants.

He also stressed the importance of declaring a general peace by postponing all disputes and disputes and working on sorting outstanding issues and finding appropriate solutions in fair ways in coordination with official bodies.

The President of the Supreme Political Council stressed the importance of setting a timetable for amnesty for the seduced issued by martyr ex-president Saleh al-Samad.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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