President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat on Thursday met navy and coastal defense chiefs, the head of the Coast Guard, his officers and the directors of Kamran and Salif.

In the meeting, the president expressing his thanks for their achievements and victories in the theater of maritime operations and securing the Yemeni coasts.

The president confirmed emphasized the importance of enhanced preparedness and vigilance to address to any attacks from aggression and the importance of the role of the naval forces in defending the Yemeni coasts.

He considered the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces the recent efforts by the Coast Guard to receive the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Issa a positive step to implement the agreement Sweden.

He also pointed out the importance of focusing on the aspects of training and rehabilitation and working to overcome the challenges and difficulties imposed by aggression and siege and turning them into opportunities for success.

The President also stressed that the greatest weapon in the face of this challenge is faith, insight and awareness.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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