SANAA, The president of the Shura Council, Mohammed Hussein al-Aidarous, discussed on Wednesday with the United Nations Resident Representative for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen, Lisa Grande, the repercussions of the continuing aggression and blockade on the Yemeni people.

Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Abdo Mohammed al-Janadi discussed the decisions of the High Ministerial Committee to combat epidemics on precautionary measures taken to confront the coronavirus and the contribution of the United Nations and organizations working in Yemen to support the committee's efforts and provide relief possibilities And humanity.

In the meeting, the Speaker of the Shura Council noted the efforts of the Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator as part of its relief and humanitarian work.

He pointed to the keenness of the Supreme Political Council to achieve a just and honorable peace in order to achieve stability and independence for the Yemeni people, which was reflected in the repeated peace initiatives and did not find the response from the coalition of aggression.

He pointed out that the other party does not commit to the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement despite the implementation of the rescue government's commitments in this regard.

He touched on the expected marine environmental disaster due to the possibility of a spill of the Safar oil tank off the coast of Hodeidah, which carries more than 1 million barrels of crude oil and requires urgent maintenance of the floating reservoir under the supervision of the United Nations.

He called on the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen and the international community represented by the Security Council to take urgent and binding action to avert the biggest environmental disaster that threatens the region and the world.

The Speaker of the Shura Council has repeatedly protested against the arbitrary measures that the Coalition of Aggression has repeatedly exercised, namely the detention of a number of oil and gas derivatives vessels despite receiving permits from the United Nations.

He called on the United Nations, the international community and all human rights organizations to put pressure on the forces of the Aggression Alliance to immediately and unconditionally release oil derivatives vessels and ensure that their future detention is not repeated under any justification.

Lisa stressed the great efforts of the Humanitarian Coordination in Yemen to alleviate the great tragedy suffered by the Yemeni people and that their issues are of interest to the United Nations.

"One of the priorities of the United Nations for the time being is to work to find a quick solution to the humanitarian tragedy in Yemen, particularly in order to activate the mechanism for the continued entry of oil and gas derivatives, medicines and food aid," Grande said.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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