ADEN, Yemen, Forces loyal to the Yemeni government, announced seizure of strategic military sites from the Houthis in the province of Dhalea.

According to the Defence Ministry, The armed forces, backed by local fighters, liberated a number of strategic military sites near Qataba, in Dhalea's northern part, after intense battles.

More than 30 Houthis, including the field military commanders of the militia, were killed by the armed forces, the website said in a statement.

A number of armoured vehicles and large quantities of weapons, including various types of ammunition, were recovered by the pro-government armed forces, after the Houthis' withdrawal, the statement added.

No information, however, was given about casualties among pro-government forces, following the battles.

The Houthi military authorities, based in Sanaa, made no comments regarding the pro-government reports.

The pro-government forces managed to make on-ground advancement and managed to expel the Houthis out from several villages located in Dhalea.

In April, the Iranian-allied Houthi fighters launched a series of intense armed attacks on the positions of the government forces and succeeded in seizing the district of Al Husha in the west of Dhalea.

The areas in the north and west of Dhalea, 138 km north of Aden, have been witnessing non-stop fighting between government forces and Houthi fighters.

Source: NAM News Network

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