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RIYADH, A probe committee revealed, on Sunday, an error made by the Saudi-led coalition, during an attack, targeting militants in the Hajjah Governorate, in Yemen.

The Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT), tasked with evaluating the Arab coalition's actions in Yemen, said, the coalition forces inadvertently hit a water-bottling factory in Hajjah, on Aug 30, 2015, when attacking a moving military target, killing at least 14 workers.

According to initial data, an air strike was carried out, after intelligence showed mobile anti-aircraft artillery, located about 80 metres from the factory.

However, the air strike targeting the artillery, apparently deviated from its intended route, because of weather conditions, and fell on the factory instead.

It wasn't the only catastrophic error by the coalition, which also claimed responsibility for a deadly hotel bombing in Yemen, in Oct, 2016, citing miscommunication and promising to revise its air strike procedures.

So far, the two-year civil war in Yemen has led to the deaths of thousands of civilians, and showed no sign of ending.


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