Progress in Sana’a International Airport projects inspected

SANA’A, A delegation of the Executive Unit of the National Vision at the Transport Ministry inspected on Sunday the achievement progress of the projects carried out in the Sana’a International Airport according to the national vision 1st phase 2019-2020.

During the visit, head of the executive unit Nadir al-Dub’aie listened to a brief of the projects that have been achieved so far, including the maintenance and repair of the airport’s power generators implemented by technical cadres of the General Civil Aviation Authority

Al-Dub’aie was also briefed on the maintenance and restoration being made to the airport fence and main runway in accordance with the international specifications and the criteria of the International Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The airport fence and main runway of Sana’a airport were bombed by the aggression warplanes several times causing serious damage.

Source: Yemen News Agency