Project Evaluation Committee Chairman stresses community initiatives encouraging importance in Hodeida

The Chairman of the Committee of the Ministry of Finance charged with supervising and monitoring technical teams to assess the level of project implementation in the provinces, Engineer Shehab al-Shami, stressed the importance of encouraging community initiatives to meet citizens' needs.

In a statement to SABA, Al-Shami stated that the Committee During its field visit will monitor and evaluate the level of implementation of service projects in Hodeida, determine the rate of achievement according to the approved areas and identify the most important needs of citizens.

He noted the role of the Ministry of Finance and the local authority in the implementation of development projects. Stressing the importance of mobilizing service institutions to provide and deliver services to citizens at high quality and at an appropriate cost to alleviate their burden.

Al-Shami stated that a survey and inventory of community-based initiatives will be carried out in the context of the interest of the revolution leader and the President of the Supreme Political Council, as community-based initiatives are a title of resilience to aggression and reflect the meaning of social interdependence.

An integrated report would be submitted immediately after the Committee's work, on the level of delivery of service projects and their relevance and usefulness in the service of citizens.

Al-Shami appreciated the role of the local authority and the executive offices of the governorate and their cooperation in facilitating the functions of the field committees.

Source: Yemen News Agency