September 24, 2021

Prominent businessman lashes out at government

National Yemen

Saleh Bin-Fareed Al-Suraima

BY NY Staff

Yemeni businessman Saleh Bin-Fareed Al-Suraima recently stated that the government wasted billions of dollars in public funds in 2012. He added that President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s directives to halt electricity projects dependent on diesel fuel had been ignored.

He also stated that tampering with public funds was blocking attempts at reform and that they would have dire consequences for the already-suffering national economy. According to Al-Suriama, over the last three months, Yemen lost around $450 million due to procrastination by the Prime Minister and Ministers of Finance and Electricity in implementing Hadi’s directives for natural gas to be used to generate power.

“The government bought the power for Aden governorate with $32 million for two years and the necessary tools cost no more than $ 15 million,” he said.

Al-Suraima demanded that the Attorney General investigate the issue of tampering with public funds and public resources. Moreover, he called on the Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa to step down from his post and accused him of covering up unlawful actions by a number of his ministers.

“Government minister should be suspended because they have wasted the country’s wealth and resources,” said Al-Suraima.

He also stated that he would continue to fight against corruption and any tampering with public funds.

“We fought against corruption in the former government and feared nothing despite the dangers we encountered, and so will continue our fight against corruption with all the power we have,” he added.

Al-Suraima said that he had presented a project to build a power generation station with a capacity of 500 megawatts in six months’ time and that it had been approved by the president. He also stated that he was ready, alongside international partners, to begin building the station using lawful means.