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Saudi-led Arab Coalition, to back up the legitimate government of Yemen, lays stress on protecting civilians, as a top priority, through taking all safeguards, to provide them with protection and mitigate loses, among them.

Arab-led Coalition Forces' Command, continuously, reiterates respect for commitment to Human International Law rules and human rights, a matter shown in the commanders' and soldiers' respect for these rules. This protection includes personnel's of medical units, human rights and relief organisations and media men, in addition to closely work with UN agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross, to carry out with their delegated humane tasks, in order to guarantee respect for Human International Law and protecting civilians.

An independent team, formed by the Coalition Forces, comprising well-qualified and specialised senior officers, military counsellors and experts, in the domain of weaponry, Human International Law, are assessing events, verification measurements and adopted tackling mechanism to improve their work, to get a clear-cut, complete and objective report, on every case, including deductions, useful lessons, recommendations and required future measurements, under the supervision of the coalition countries taking part in the previously called Determination Storm operations and Restoration of Hope, in order to restore legitimacy, in Yemen.

Attention is also paid to maintain the infrastructures, in Yemen, in villages, as well as cities, which are the main battle ground witnessing direct skirmishes with the Houthi militias and ousted Saleh forces.

Though Geneva Convention and the Additional Protocol prohibit using of civilians as a war device or human shields, by positioning them, at military installations and facilities, however the Houthi and Saleh forces are positioning themselves, among the civilians.

Houthi militias attempt to spread a revenge process through a systematic policy, as they resort to stationing scores of people as human shields.

In the same context, a classified report concluded by UN experts, observing imposition of sanctions on Yemen, accused Houthis of using civilians as human shields. The UN report added that, the Houthis used to conceal fighters and ammunition near to civilians, in Mocha of Taiz governorate, in a deliberate attempt to thwart attacking them, in a flagrant violation of human international law.

Earlier, media spokesman of the joint team for assessing events, in Yemen, Mansur Al-Mansur said that, accusing the Arab Coalition of committing civilians, at the Republican hospital, in Saadah, is inaccurate, pointing to the Houthis using of civil facilities for military purposes.


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