September 19, 2021


Qatar Islamic Dawa Organisation has distributed QR1.6 million (USD440,000), to 2,465 orphans in Yemen, sponsored by Qatari philanthropists, within the framework of the "Orphan Sponsorship" project it implements in Arab and African countries.

Director General of the Islamic Dawa Organisation (IDO) office in Qatar, Hammad Abdulqader Al-Shaikh, said, the Organisation, in collaboration with Yemeni Al Ferdous Foundation and its branch "House of Qatar for Orphans" has distributed the donation to these orphans every four months, pointing out that the sponsorship range from partial to comprehensive, which covers all the orphans' needs with an annual cost exceeding QR12 million (USD3.3 million).

This donation is provided by a group of generous people of Qatar, who believe on the right of these orphans, to live in dignity as granted by Islam, he explained.

He also praised the philanthropists who sponsored these orphans and spared no effort to support them in various Arab and African countries, pointing out that these sponsorship have helped many orphans and their families to meet essential living needs.

He highlighted the Organisation's ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at helping these orphans, targeting productive families, construction of family homes for orphans, orphans empowerment, Eid clothing and schoolbags, calling on everyone to continue to support these projects and sponsor more orphans and poor families in Yemen and other countries.